Dear Friends,

The 2013 Annual Catholic Appeal, “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” is taking place at a difficult time, and yet it is more important than ever because so many people are in need.  Because every gift helps, I am asking you to join your fellow parishioners in giving to the Appeal.  Your gift can be made with a pledge, paid over the course of this calendar year.  Your gift will enable our Church to continue to fund the critical ministries and services in the Diocese of Springfield.

In the past few years, many of us were affected in some way by the many manmade and natural disasters that occurred in our region.  Our Catholic Charities Agency, through the generosity of the Annual Catholic Appeal and your generous donations, helped get families back on their feet.  Catholic Charities was able to provide immediate assistance with clothing and food needs, as well as providing assistance to families in need of a new place to live.  Without your kindness, none of this would have been possible.  All of us, working together, make such a difference in so many lives.  Indeed God is truly at work in the hearts of the people of our Diocese.

I am well aware that, with the current economic conditions here in Western Massachusetts, it may be difficult for you to give as much as in past years.  However, I sincerely hope that you will do what you can, for the needs of many of our neighbors have never been as severe as they are this year.  Some have lost their jobs and medical coverage, others are homeless, hungry, lonely, vulnerable, and in crisis.  Please join with me to provide for our neighbors in need.

Enclosed with this letter is a personalized pledge card and return envelope.  Please return your pledge card via the mail in the envelope provided or you may donate at our on-line donation center at www.diospringfield.org with a credit card.

May you be blessed abundantly for your generous response during the Year of Faith.  Be sure of my grateful prayers and deep appreciation.

Faithfully yours in Christ,

Most Rev. Timothy A. McDonnell, D.D.
Bishop of Springfield