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Steps Along the Way:
Upon entering the Diaconate Formation Program, men are considered Aspirants for the first year.

At the completion of 2 years, applicants become Candidates for ordination.

In October of 2013, we welcomed 8 new candidates from the class of 2015. Pictured above: From left to right, Andrew Nowicki, Thomas Lynch, Angel Diaz, Gerald Campion, Bishop Timothy McDonnell, Jose Correa, Joseph Kielbasa, Jr., James Marcus, and Michael Trznadel.

At the completion of 3 years, Candidates are advanced to Reader and Acolyte.

At the end of 4 years, men are Ordained Permanent Deacons.

On May 25, 2013, Bishop McDonnell ordained 5 new deacons.  From left to right:  Daniel P. Romanello, George L. Galli, Jr., David A. Culliton, Bishop Timothy A. McDonnell, Spencer L. Trova and Keith T. Davies. 

Bishop Timothy McDonnell recommends that deacons serve in a second capacity within the Diocese if at all possible. For example, a deacon may be assigned to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Parish as well as assisting in the Tribunal Office of the Diocese.

At our Annual Appreciation Dinner in November of 2013, Bishop McDonnell recognized several of our hardworking deacons in the Diocese of Springfield for their many years of service. They are as follows:

10th Year of Service
Deacon Gregory Lafreniere

20th Year of Service
Deacon Herbert Cary Deacon George Keator
Deacon Frederick Pelletier Deacon Arthur Ratte

30th Year of Service
Deacon Pasqual Baldasaro Deacon Robert Duval
Deacon Edward Faber Deacon Bernard Fleury
Deacon James Hager Deacon Genaro Medina
Deacon Lucien Miller

In addition, Deacons Joseph Garde, Bernard Pellissier & Arthur Ratte were each honored with a plaque to commemorate their years as diocesan deacons. Deacon Garde officially retired in January of 2013, Deacon Ratte in March of 2013 & Deacon Pellissier in October of 2013. Enjoy your retirement, Gentlemen!

This year was doubly special because it marked the 30th anniversary for the first class of deacons ordained in the Diocese of Springfield. Please click on the link to watch.