Catholic Schools

Financial Aid Application Requirements and Process

On January 1 (not before) one may begin the process to apply for financial aid for the 2014-2015 school year.  A financial aid form must be completed online at FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment (       
   Step 1: Click on Applicant Sign In
   Step 2: New users select Create an Account; or returning users enter their existing Username and              Password. 
Be sure to send to FACTS your 1040 Income Tax form for 2013 and your W-2 statement for 2013, and the FACTS required fee.  The process is not complete until all paper work is submitted and the fee paid.  Once you have completed the application, please do not make any changes before contacting the Catholic Schools Financial Aid office.

For Catholic Students Enrolled in a Catholic School in This Diocese
A Financial Aid Form must be completed annually when applying for financial aid.

Diocesan Requirements – School Tuition Aid (Grades K-12)

  • Must be an active member of a Catholic Parish in the Diocese of Springfield (that is, attends Mass and financially supports the parish).
  • Must demonstrate financial need within the Diocesan guidelines
  • Must complete a new application form each year
  • The financial aid is given apart from other assistance program available to children of teachers in our Diocesan Schools
  • Schools may offer their own financial aid assistance programs

Tuition Aid is not available for Pre-K students

 Completed applications will be processed beginning March 15, continuing on the 15th of each month (as long as funds are available).  The process involves the financial aid office consulting the pastor with regards to membership and financial support.  After pastor consultation, acceptance/denial letters are sent to families.   Student names are sent to the schools with the amount of financial aid awarded.  The “normal” amount of aid given to a high school student can be as high as $1,200; while an elementary student may receive as much as $600.

For further information, please contact Dawn Makusiewicz at the Financial Aid Office at: (413) 452-0827 or